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Plant Management Network (PMN) - The Plant Management Network is a unique cooperative resource for the applied plant sciences. Designed to provide plant science practitioners fast access to proven solutions, the PMN offers an extensive searchable database comprised of thousands of web-based resource information from journals, fact sheets, newsletters, training resources, etc. Iowa State University faculty, staff, and students have access to all information on PMN. - Soybean producers and breeders are constantly striving to increase soybean yields. Since diseases substantially decrease the yield of crop plants, information on the prevalence, incidence and severity of soybean pathogens is useful for detecting emerging disease threats, and for prioritizing research to improve disease resistance in breeding programs and to improve disease management options. - The soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is a very widespread, damaging soybean pest in Iowa. First discovered in north central Iowa in 1978, SCN is now thought to infest nearly 75% of fields in the state. This ISU web site contains research-based information on the biology of SCN as well as information on scouting for detection and managing SCN through use of nonhost crops and SCN-resistant soybean varieties. - Asian soybean rust was first discovered in the continental US in Louisiana in November 2004. This web site was created to present the latest information on the biology, identification, and management of Asian soybean rust, and contact information for First Detectors, a team of Iowa agribusiness personnel who serve as volunteers for the first line for rapid and accurate identification of the disease. - The soybean aphid can be a major pest of soybean in Iowa. Since its discovery in northeastern Iowa in August 2000, the aphid has spread quickly across the state. This ISU web site contains up-to-date information on the biology and management of the soybean aphid, including information on management tactics, speed sampling, an aphid calculator, and results of the soybean aphid suction trap network.
Soybean Management - Managing soybean production for optimum profitability can be tricky. ISU has a comprehensive research and extension program investigating all aspects of soybean production in Iowa. This ISU web site contains the latest research-based information and recommendations on soybean growth and development, variety selection, planting and tillage, soil fertility, pest management, stress physiology, and harvesting.
Cucurbit Pest Management - The ISU Cucurbit Pest Management site presents information on various aspects of this field of research. The “Research” section contains information on alternative pest management systems. There also are resources available like an image collection of disease and insect pests common to cucurbit crops, abstracts of research articles relevant to the study, and additional links to cucurbit web pages.
Midwest Apple IPM - The purpose of this website is to update commercial apple growers on new options for biologically intensive management of some of the major pest and disease problems in the Upper Midwest.


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Bogdanove Laboratory

Xanthomonas oryzae pathovars: model pathogens of a model crop

"Bacterial diseases cause significant losses in many crops, and control measures are often limited or unavailable. Also, bacterial diseases of plants can be tractable models for understanding plant responses to microbial pathogens generally. Research in the Bogdanove laboratory centers on two important diseases of rice, bacterial blight and bacterial leaf streak." Read More