Phytobiomes Project Featured in the Iowa State Daily

“What we’re trying to achieve is a systems approach to crop production,” Beattie said. “Usually farmers and professionals just focus on one thing at a time. We want to get agronomists, meteorologists, even engineers to be a part of this so that we can work together to find what works.”


Research Shows Extra Cover Crop Growth Prior to Soybeans Provides Benefits

ICM News: The research showed winter cereal rye that grew an extra three weeks prior to soybeans produced about 300-400% more biomass (Fig. 1) with a 100% increase in nitrogen retention (Fig. 2), when compared with early terminated cover crops. Results from this study showed no difference in soybean yield following a cover crop killed three weeks prior to soybean planting compared to a cover crop that was killed one day before soybean planting.

PLPM Personel Win CALS Awards

ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Outstanding Faculty and Staff Awards

Four members in the Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology were recently recognized by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences here at Iowa state University. These awards are given annually for outstanding faculty and staff.


Claudia Lemper - Dancing with the Story County Stars

On Satruday January 30th, one of the Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology's finest will be participating in this years 'Dancing with the Story County Stars'! Claudia Lemper was chosen as one of the 'Story County Stars' who will be paired up with a local dance instructor and together, compete for your votes and donations


Iowa Soybean Association donates towards ISU's Bioscience Initiative

Last Monday night (1/25/16) was an exciting night for Iowa State both on the court and off. In addition to the men's basketball victory over the #4 Kansas Jayhawks, the Iowa Soybean Association announced a gift of $500,000 to Iowa State University that will go towards ISU President Leath's Bioscience Initiative and the Advanced Teaching and Research Building (Plant Pathology's future home). 


The Daily Iowan: Farmers struggle with blight

Farmers Struggle With Blight

This year, Iowa corn farmers are facing a threat that may cost them a chunk of their yields and could translate to higher prices at the grocery store.


Although it is not as scary as it sounds, northern corn blight does do what it says, blighting unsuspecting corn before it can so much as blink, killing the leaves and leaving the corn stunted.


Iowa State University Mourns Loss of Seed Pathologist Lisa Shepherd

Lisa enjoyed life to the fullest and excelled at helping others. She was a tireless champion for phytosanitary issues relating to seed health and was highly regarded by seed industry colleagues from around the world for her expertise in seed-borne diseases and plant pathology. Lisa possessed natural leadership ability and an infectious enthusiasm that benefited both Iowa State University and the seed industry.


Dr Sally Mallowa and collaborators develop teaching and extension program in Africa

Dr. Sally Mallowa, who recently completed her PhD in the department studying with Dr. Alison Robertson, was recently involved in an effort to develop a teaching tool and extension workshop in Kenya and Uganda this summer. The team came from five different institutions, and was funded by a Global Experience Award from the APS Office of International Programs. The teaching component focused on developing a case study resource for learning about cassava brown streak virus disease (CBSD).


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