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Alumni Highlight - Ron R. Walcott

Associate Professor, University of Georgia

What degree did you receive? MS

What was your major? Plant Pathology

Whose lab were you a member of?  Dr. Denis McGee

What was your position at the Iowa State University Department of Plant Pathology?  Undergraduate major, Graduate Research Assistant

How long were you at Iowa State University Department of Plant Pathology?  Five years

Where did you go after you left the Iowa State University Department of Plant Pathology?  The University of Georgia (Tifton, GA)

Where are you now?  The University of Georgia (Athens, GA)

What is your position title?  Associate Professor

If doing research, what area?  Seed Pathology; phytobacteriology

  Tell us a little about the organization you are working for right now:  I am working in a Plant Pathology Department (~26 faculty) at the flagship Land grant University in Georgia (Univ. of Georgia). We have three locations (Athens, Griffin and Tifton) and I am on the main campus in Athens. I am the PI for a seed pathology research program that focuses primarily on seed borne bacterial diseases of vegetables.

Outside of work what have been up to since you left the Department of Plant Pathology?  My wife (Yvette) and I have three daughters, Deneisha (24), Monica (10) and Paige (6) and no pets. My main hobbies still include playing basketball but I have taken up jogging for fun. I also enjoy scuba diving and playing scrabble with my wife.

Any words you would like to say to the people that currently work in the Plant Pathology Department? I have fond memories of Ames and the Plant Pathology department. It was my first home away from home. Not only did I discover my wife in Ames, but I attribute many of my professional successes to the solid education and mentorship that I received at the early stages of my career. I credit the entire faculty and staff in the Plant Pathology Department and the Seed Science Center for preparing me for my current career. However, I must single out the following individuals for taking a particular interest and helping me to reach my potential –Dr. Sande McNabb (undergraduate advisor and inspiration), Dr. Ed Braun (excellent instructor and role model); Dr. Greg Tylka (provided a lab home and mentorship for me to start to understand the discipline of plant pathology); Dr. Denis McGee (stoked my interest in seed pathology) and Drs. Misra and Shyy at the Seed Science Center. I also fondly remember the people that kept me straight, including Anne Iles, Connie Sandve and the wonderful staff and technicians that helped along the way. Finally, I must recognize my fellow grad students who helped to create a rich environment for my personal and professional development.


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