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Dr. Roger Wise

  Dr. Roger Wise
Professor - USDA Collaborator

411 Bessey Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011
Phone: 515-294-9756

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Educational Background

B.S., Physiology, Michigan State University
Ph.D., Genetics, Michigan State University
Postdoctoral, Molecular Biology, University of Florida           
Postdoctoral, Molecular Biology, Max-Planck-Institut, Köln, Germany

Research Areas

Molecular Biology


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Moscou, MJ, N Lauter, B Steffenson, and RP Wise.. 2011. Quantitative and qualitative stem rust resistance factors in barley are associated with transcriptional repression of defense regulons. PLoS Genetics 7(7): e1002208. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1002208.

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Wei, F, R Wing, and RP Wise. 2002. Genome dynamics and evolution of the Mla (powdery mildew) resistance locus in barley. Plant Cell 14: 1903-1917.


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