Iowa State University The Rust Report
Update - 10.17.11

It's hard for me to muster up the excitement to even write this update, but it does bring a sense of closure to the season to say – we made it another year without soybean rust affecting Iowa soybeans. That makes 7 years in a row, if anyone besides me is counting.

Not going to dive into details, but if you want to read them, I just sent in an article to be posted in the ISU ICM News
Spark notes version of the article:
  • Another year gone past with no soybean rust. 
  • There was only one report in the entire United States at the beginning of May 2011 – in other words, there was very little soybean rust inoculum to start the season. 
  • The historic drought in Texas and neighboring states further cemented 2011 as a "non-rust year". 
  • Once again, lack of inoculum and weather not conducive for rust development (two of three points in the disease triangle) stopped soybean rust before it even got started.
  • As of mid-October, soybean rust has been found in two Georgia counties, seven Florida counties and one Louisiana county in the continental United States. The disease was also found in parts of Mexico and Puerto Rico earlier this year with a report out of Tamaulipas, Mexico in early October. See the National Soybean Rust ipmPIPE page for visual evidence.
This will wrap up the 2011 soybean rust season. We will crank up again in 2012.