Recent News

September 3, 2022

Aline Sartor Chicowski, a doctoral candidate in Plant Pathology with a minor in Genetics, under the supervision of Dr. Steven Whitham, was selected for the 2022 Corteva DELTA Symposium held in Indianapolis (Aug 1-3) at the Corteva world headquarters. Aline is also a recipient of the 2022 DELTA research grant. 

August 16, 2022

The Iowa Soybean Research Center would like to extend a big thank you to the more than 40 volunteers who showed up to help with the Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center to help with the Meals from the Heartland event on Friday, August 5th, and to Cargill for their very generous donation to cover the cost of the ingredients! We couldn’t have done it without you all!

August 16, 2022

Professor W. Allen Miller has been appointed as the plant virus Editor for the Journal of Virology.

Dr. Miller will be responsible for all manuscripts involving plant viruses, RNA viruses of insects, as well as papers on certain human RNA viruses such as Zika and related viruses.

Journal of Virology, a publication of the American Society for Microbiology, is generally regarded as the top virology journal dedicated entirely to original, basic research papers on all types of viruses.


PPEM Department Lunch and Learn presentation by Dr. Chase Mayers, a Teaching Support Specialist and fungal res​earcher at Cornell University. It's entitled "Bacterial streaming and beyond: engaging plant pathology in the virtual classroom."

A seminar by Abbie Stack (Bayer Crop Sciences) titled: Lessons from an Early Career Professional in Industry. This seminar is a part of the Iowa State University Department of Plant Pathology & Microbiology Fall 2021 Seminar Series located in the Advanced Teaching and Research Building (ATRB) conference room 1330.