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DEI Lunch & Learn: Summer Series

Each month we will have a 1-hour meeting via WebEx to discuss topics in small groups while you enjoy lunch. Everyone is invited to participate!

Session 2: Friday, June 25th at noon.

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  1. The missing link to Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion (18 min): What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?  How can diversity and inclusion lead to organizational success? Why do so many efforts to tap into the benefits of diversity fall short? How do we practice empathy and compassion when our brains are hard-wired to judge? It is challenging to create and sustain diversity and inclusion in our organizations and communities when we are instinctually driven to seek the shelter and familiarity of our “us” identity groups.  In order to build serious, sustainable diversity and inclusion efforts, we have to override our instinctual desire to engage in “us” vs. “them” thinking. In this talk, facilitator Maria Morukian offers the concept of expansion as the missing link to driving genuine engagement in diversity and inclusion. Expansion requires us to walk out onto the bridge across our differences, to challenge our unconscious biases, and seek community even when we hold very different cultures, beliefs, and values. Maria outlines three practices to build expansion into dialogues around the most uncomfortable topics that divide us.
  2. From Difference to Distance: Rethinking Diversity and Inclusion (18 min): What if our current understanding of Diversity and Inclusion is fundamentally flawed? In this revolutionary talk, Fred Falker introduces the Distance Paradigm – a new way of thinking about Diversity and Inclusion, differences, and a powerful and practical new approach to connecting with others. Fred challenges us to see that there is nothing dividing us, one from another. All that lies between us is space and opportunity.  Falker Consulting Group, Inc. is a human resource development training and consulting firm. Frederick is also the Director of Workforce Development for the Saint Louis Zoo. He has worked as an organizational development consultant for more than 30 years, helping organizations with performance management, customer service and diversity issues. At the Saint Louis Zoo he has worked extensively on helping the organization’s efforts to establish itself as one of the best places to work, serve and volunteer in the country. He is currently working on a book detailing a fundamentally new approach to thinking about diversity entitled, Seeing the Box: Improving Interpersonal Effectiveness
May 24 "Afrofuturism (ART & ALGORHYTHMS)"   Link to Webinar
Jun 25 DEI Lunch & Learn: Summer Series

Session 2

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Jun 25

Indigenous Voices: Authentic Children's Literature

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Jun 26

Indigenous Voices: Authentic Children's Literature

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June 27

Out of the Ashes, Beyond Buildings and Books: Rebuilding of

the Reading Room at the Lubuto Model Library in Lusaka, Zambia

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July 16 DEI Lunch & Learn: Summer Series

Session 3

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If you have observed or been a target of a bias incident, harassment, hate crime, or discrimination, please report the incident via the Campus Climate Reporting System.



Kamusta? Is the way you say ‘how are you’ in Filipino. I’m hoping you’d answer all is well, amid Covid-19. I’m Julie Aiza Mandap from Philippines, a country with 7,641 islands in Southeast Asia. It is, indeed, a paradise for ocean lovers and a famous summer destination; but because of the pandemic, seashores are currently taking a rest.

I finished my MS Plant Pathology program at ISU in December 2019, where I was advised by Dr. Gary Munkvold. I am also a recipient of the Fulbright-CHED scholarship program. I had been in the PLPM Department since Fall 2017. When I arrived in Iowa, I was so thrilled to see acres and acres of cornfields, since aside from the fact that I like to eat corn, my research study for my ISU years involved corn. I worked on Aspergillus flavus and insect interactions in stored non-Bt and Bt maize hybrids as my research project. I learned how the presence of A. flavus affected the insects and vice versa in relation to the presence of Bt proteins in maize. I’ve seen and counted numerous molds and insects at varying stages during almost my entire graduate student life. Believe me, that is an exceptional experience!

While I enjoyed working in the lab, and in Seed Pathology Lab, in particular, I found recreational activities in the Department and conferences a lot of fun too. Also, being part of the graduate student organization as a vice-president helped me hone some soft skills. Once we had the canoe/kayak race, which our lab has bragged about winning ever since. In conferences, getting to know fellow plant pathologists always fascinates me. Plant pathologists are few relative to other fields, but there’s a lot of careers that you can explore and navigate within this field. Being a grad student abroad certainly stretched my insights in plant pathology as a profession.

I flew back home in December 2019, and it had been only 3 months since I started back to work when the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was implemented due to Covid. I’m teaching plant pathology, with mycology and postharvest diseases as specialization, in the Institute of Weed Science, Entomology, and Plant Pathology, in the University of the Philippines Los Baños.

I’ve been excited to work again with my colleagues after 2 years of study leave and share my ISU experiences with my students, but then classes were suspended, and social distancing had to be observed. Aside from making adjustments to shift our classes into online platforms, which is a real challenge in a developing country, I got involved in efforts such as raising funds and awareness related to Covid. To make sure that I wouldn’t just binge watch on Netflix during this lockdown and keep a sense of purpose, my friends and I decided to make do-it-yourself face shields. We managed to make a total of 700 face shields so far, which were then distributed to our local hospitals, municipal offices, police force, and groups involved in the taskforce against Covid.

Now that I’m back in my home country I often think of my experiences in ISU, people I’ve met, friends made, and stories heard. It’s very motivating to move forward when packed with these diverse connections from the past.

I leave you with this excerpt from a poem by Max Ehrmann that I find healthy to ponder on nowadays, “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence… As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons… Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul”.


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