Charles J. Gould Travel Award


The Charles J. Gould Graduate Student Travel Award in Plant Pathology is funded by a gift from Mrs. Charles J. Gould in honor of her husband, who received his Ph.D. from ISU in 1942.  He spent his career studying diseases of horticultural plants. 
The award is open to all graduate students in the department and is for travel that furthers their professional development.  Recipients will be selected based on need and the benefit to their professional development.  Preference will be given to travel not normally supported by the usual departmental, university or grant sources. The recipients must agree to express acceptance and appreciation of the award in writing to Mrs. Gould within six weeks of announcement of the award and agree to be photographed receiving the award.  Recipients must be in good standing and must have met any departmental deadlines for fulfilling their academic requirements. Decisions on funding will be made by the department chair twice yearly.  The number of awards each year and the amount of the award will vary depending on the earnings of the Gould endowment.  Awards will generally be in the range of $250 to $500 with one to four given each year.  
Graduate students planning a particularly important or unusual trip that need additional funds to make it possible should send an e-mail to the department chair describing their travel plans and their reasons for seeking the award, specifically, how the travel will further their professional development. The e-mail should be no more than 300 words. 
Deadlines for applications will be January 1 and July 1, or other dates chosen by the department chair and spaced about six months apart.