Financial Aids for Graduate Students


Numerous fellowships exist for graduate study. The Department of Plant Pathology & Microbiology offers three fellowships to incoming and continuing students on a merit-basis: Leath Fellowship, Presidential Fellowship, and Esmail and Mary Zirakparvar Graduate Student Fellowships. Additional fellowships are available through the university and other funding agencies. Contact your future major advisor for more information. 

Most graduate students are funded through assistantships. Teaching Assistantships (TA) and Research Assistantships (RA) provide a monthly stipend for living expenses, heath insurance, and a tuition scholarship. TA positions for students in PLPM are available for a variety of undergraduate laboratory courses in biology and microbiology. Students on RA are expected to work for their advisors for a specified number of hours a week. Most students seeking a degree in Plant Pathology receive a 1/2-time C-based appointment with an annual stipend of $22,800 (FY 2016). Students in an interdepartmental degree program may be paid either the standard stipend of PLPM or the standard stipend of their major, at the discretion of their major professor. Visit the Graduate College assistantships page to learn more. 

Tuition Support
All qualifying Ph.D. students receive a scholarship that pays 100% of their tuition. All qualifying M.S. students are assessed at in-state resident tuition and receive a scholarship that pays, at minimum, 50% of their tuition. Faculty members, at their discretion, may cover a greater portion (in part or in full) of their students tuition. 

Travel Support
Attendance and presentation of research results at professional meetings are essential aspects of graduate student training. Funds for travel (to the extent possible) are provided by Graduate College and Graduate Student Senate travel grants as well as your major professor. Major conferences and professional meetings also offer numerous travel grants that supplement a large portion of travel expenses, PLPM students are highly encouraged to apply. The department offers our ouwn travel awards to PLPM students through the Charles J. Gould Travel Award