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  Ambrosiella batrae
  Ambrosiella beaveri
​  Ambrosiella brunnea
(see: Raffaelea brunnea)
  Ambrosiella clodiensis
(invalid species)
​  Ambrosiella ferruginea (see: Phialophoropsis ferruginea)
  Ambrosiella gnathotrichi
(see: Raffaelea gnathotrichi)
  Ambrosiella grosmanniae
  Ambrosiella hartigii
​  Ambrosiella ips
(now Hyalorhinocladiella ips)
  Ambrosiella macrospora
(now Hyalorhinocladiella macrospora)
  Ambrosiella nakashimae
  Ambrosiella roeperi 
  Ambrosiella sulcati (see: Raffaelea canadensis)
  Ambrosiella sulphurea (see: Raffaelea sulphurea)
  Ambrosiella tingens
(now Hyalorhinocladiella tingens)
  Ambrosiella trypodendri
(see: Phialophoropsis trypodendri)
  Ambrosiella xylebori


  Meredithiella norrisii


​​  Phialophoropsis cambrensis (excluded species)
  Phialophoropsis ferruginea
  Phialophoropsis nipponica 
(excluded species)
  Phialophoropsis trypodendri


  Raffaelea albimanens
  Raffaelea amasae
  Raffaelea ambrosiae
  Raffaelea arxii
  Raffaelea brunnea
  Raffaelea canadensis
  Raffaelea ellipticospora
  Raffaelea fusca
  Raffaelea gnathotrichi 
Raffaelea hennebertii (uncertain species)
  Raffaelea lauricola
  Raffaelea montetyi
  Raffaelea quercivora
  Raffaelea quercus-mongolicae
  Raffaelea santoroi
  Raffaelea scolytodis
  Raffaelea subfusca
  Raffaelea subalba
  Raffaelea sulcati
  Raffaelea sulphurea
  Raffaelea tritirachium
  Raffaelea variabilis
(excluded species)