Dr. Thomas Baum & Dr. Gary Munkvold awarded 2017 APS Fellows


Gary Munkvold and Thomas Baum, plant pathology and microbiology, were named Fellows at the 2017 American Phytopathological Society Annual Meeting, held Aug. 5-9 in San Antonio.

Munkvold was recognized for his robust research programs, his leadership in guiding hybrid development priorities in a major corn seed company, for chairing a one-of-a-kind online graduate program in seed technology and business, and for his national leadership in phytosanitary issues through the U.S. National Seed Health System. More

Baum, distinguished professor and department chair, was recognized for his scholarly contributions to molecular nematology, as well as his commitment to undergraduate and graduate education through his teaching activities and the development of award-winning teaching tools and mentoring the next generation of scientists. More