Baum Lab Moves Into New Home at ATRB

June 18, 2018

The Baum lab recently completed their move into their new lab space in the Advanced Teaching and Research Building (ATRB) on the north edge of campus at Iowa State University.   The brand new building opened in May 2018 and will house most of the members of our department, Plant Pathology and Microbiology, as well as portions of the Entomology and Genetics, Developmental and Cell Biology departments.  The state Board of Regents approved the new building in 2015 as part of $88 million in bioscience facility improvements on campus.  Occupants are filling the finished lower four floors of the building, where offices and meeting rooms circle a core of teaching and research labs. A lounge and a 122-seat general university classroom sit on the first floor, with study space on each level overlooking the lounge's glass atrium. The roof holds nine greenhouses -- six for plant pathology and microbiology, two for entomology and one for GDCB.  We look forward to conducting our research in this fantastic new space, and invite all former Baum lab alumni and friends to stop by and visit our new space!