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WHO-TV Des Moines Features New Art in ATRB

December 20, 2018

WHO-TV Des Moines recently ran a news story featuring the new artwork in the ATRB atrium.    The full news story can be found here.   In short, the artist that was commissioned for this piece, Gaston Nogues, from Los Angeles, was interviewed and gave his thoughts on the new piece, along with what he's heard scientists in the building calling the art.   Spoiler Alert!   It's a NEMATODE!!  ;-)


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Dr. Gennady Pogorelko

Photo of Gennady Pogorelko
Former Postdoc Research Associate
Area of Expertise: 
Plant Pathology, plant genetics, plant biochemistry

Dr. Thomas J Baum

Thomas Baum
Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor
Area of Expertise: 
Nematology, Plant-Microbe Interactions