Subgenomic RNA as a riboregulator: negative regulation of RNA replication by Barley yellow dwarf virus subgenomic RNA 2


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Journal Article


Virology, Volume 327, Number 2, p.196-205 (2004)


0042-6822 (Print)<br/>0042-6822 (Linking)

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3' Untranslated Regions/ genetics, Avena sativa/virology, Base Sequence, Gene Expression Regulation, Viral, Genome, Viral, Luteovirus/ genetics/metabolism, Molecular Sequence Data, Protein Biosynthesis, RNA, Viral/ biosynthesis, Virus Replication


Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) generates three 3'-coterminal subgenomic RNAs (sgRNAs) in infected cells. Translation of BYDV genomic RNA (gRNA) and sgRNA1 is mediated by the BYDV cap-independent translation element (BTE) in the 3' untranslated region. sgRNAs 2 and 3 are unlikely to be mRNAs. We proposed that accumulation of sgRNA2, which contains the BTE in its 5' UTR, regulates BYDV replication by trans-inhibiting translation of the viral polymerase from genomic RNA (gRNA). Here, we tested this hypothesis and found that: (i) co-inoculation of the BTE or sgRNA2 with BYDV RNA inhibits BYDV RNA accumulation in protoplasts; (ii) Brome mosaic virus (BMV), engineered to contain the BTE, trans-inhibits BYDV replication; and (iii) sgRNA2 generated during BYDV infection trans-inhibits both GFP expression from BMV RNA and translation of a non-viral reporter mRNA. We conclude that sgRNA2, via its BTE, functions as a riboregulator to inhibit translation of gRNA. This may make gRNA available as a replicase template and for encapsidation. Thus, BYDV sgRNA2 joins a growing list of trans-acting regulatory RNAs.


Shen, Ruizhong<br/>Miller, W Allen<br/>GM067104/GM/NIGMS NIH HHS/United States<br/>R01 GM067104-01A1/GM/NIGMS NIH HHS/United States<br/>Research Support, U.S. Gov't, Non-P.H.S.<br/>Research Support, U.S. Gov't, P.H.S.<br/>United States<br/>Virology. 2004 Oct 1;327(2):196-205.