Dr. Gwyn Beattie helps launch Phytobiomes Roadmap in DC

March 7, 2016

Dr. Gwyn Beattie and the @PhytoBiomes team recently spent the week on Capitol Hill and around Washington DC promoting "a systems approach to agriculture in the 21st centruy". 



Launch of the Roadmap for Phytobiomes Research

A new approach for agriculture to achieve sustainable crop production   


25 February 2016 – Washington DC, USA

On 25 February 2016, a group of scientific societies, companies, research institutes, and governmental agencies launched the Phytobiomes Roadmap presenting a new vision for agriculture to increase health, productivity, and sustainability of our current cropping and forest systems.


The Roadmap outlines a strategic plan for acquiring critical knowledge of how all of the components on a farm interact and affect each other. These components – the crops, plants, microbes, animals, soils, and climate – are collectively called the phytobiome.


The document lays out an action plan to translate that knowledge into powerful new tools for crop management to produce a sufficient supply of food, feed and fiber to meet global needs in the future.


“The Phytobiomes Roadmap provides a vision of integrating the many diverse components of agroecosystems, including the environment, all of the macroorganisms, and the microorganisms, into a systems-level understanding” explains Gwyn Beattie, Professor & Robert Earle Buchanan Distinguished Professor of Bacteriology at Iowa State University and co-leader of an initiative on phytobiomes.   

Read more of the press release at  Phytobiomes.org

Check out the Phytobiomes website to learn more and see how you can get involved!

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