Ed Zaworski: Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic June Update

June 27, 2016

Ed Zwaroski, Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic: 

So far, this growing season has been relatively quiet on the crop disease front, likely due to the mild weather this spring has brought us. In its place we have seen quite a bit of concern with herbicide injury. Where diseases are concerned, here is what we have encountered so far in the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic:

Pythium sp./spp. (Story and Wapello counties)

Rhizoctonia sp./spp. (Clinton and Polk counties)

Fusarium sp./spp. (Polk County)

Antracnose leaf blight (Fremont County)

Pythium sp./spp. (Lee County)

Fusarium sp./spp. (Polk County)

Source: ICM Blog