ISU Plant Pathology Great Passes

June 10, 2016

With heavy hearts we say goodbye to another ISU plant pathology great. Dr. John Melvin Dunleavy passed away on May 19th at age 92. 

Dunleavy worked for the USDA throughout his career, although some of the time was on a split state appointment. His main interests were in soybean diseases, especially those caused by bacteria and powdery mildews. He was especially interested increasing genetic diversity of commercial soybean varieties, detection of small numbers of plant-pathogenic bacteria on or in soybean varieties, and general occurrence and control of soybean diseases. A strong promoter of adequate field testing for soybean disease research, he conducted extensive plots throughout the state. He retired in 1989.

John was born June 6, 1923 in Omaha, Nebraska to John and Helen Dunleavy. He survived WWII with the 45th fighter squadron as sergent...John received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Nebraska. He and his family moved to Ames, Iowa where he received his doctorate of plant pathology at Iowa State University. He is survived by his wife Ruth, sister Patricia, and his four children. 

Source: Ames Tribune