Charlie A Martinson


After being at Cornell University for a few years, Charlie came to Iowa State in 1968. He was involved in more teaching than most of the faculty at the time. His main interests are root and foliar diseases of maize, biological control, host resistance, and aflatoxins. In recent years he has concentrated on eyespot diseases of maize (Kabatiella zeae). Charlie is generally interested in all aspects of maize diseases, especially as cause by fungi, relative to corn production. This includes the effects of plant populations, residue management, crop rotation, genotypes, tillage, irrigation, and other management practices. In addition he has advised many graduate students. Martinson, a Fellow in AAAS, has benefited the department greatly through a heavy teaching load and departmental service.

Area of Expertise: 
Corn Foliar Disease
Ph.D. Oregon State University, 1964
M.S. Colorado State University, 1959