Claudia Lemper-Manahl

Assistant Teaching Professor
Claudia Lemper-Manahl

I joined the Plant Pathology & Microbiology Department in  2013 after 18 years teaching Genectis Lab in the ISU Biology Program.     I teach undergraduate courses in microbiology, molecular techniques, independent discovery and scientific communication.   Supporting our students is a top priority of the Microbiology Program and I seek to provide students with a stronger understanding of microbiological techniques and how to master skills to continue to the work place, graduate school or professional school options.  To do this, I provide students many hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in an inclusive environment that allows students from varied backgrounds to collaborate on research projects with real-world implications.  Most recently, the biggest challenge of my 25yr teaching career was the pivot to online learning for COVID-19 with the obstacles a lab versus a lecture course presented for online delivery.  I believe the evidence reported in this document demonstrates a strong, clear, upward trajectory of my teaching skills and commitment to the strengths of ISU’s undergraduate education.

Area of Expertise: 
Microbial Genetics
B.S.,Microbiology, Iowa State University, 1991
M.S., Molecular Biology, University of Illinois, 1993
515 291 3341
103 Science I