Dr. Edward J Braun

Emeritus Professor


My primary responsibilities are in undergraduate teaching.  I teach Pl P 408 (Principles of Plant Pathology) and Micro 201 (Introduction to Microbiology) each fall and spring semester.  I co-teach Micro 101 (The Microbial World) each fall semester with Dr. Nancy Boury.  I also am an academic advisor for several undergraduate Microbiology majors.

I serve as co-coordinator (with Dr. Cindy Haynes, Horticulture) of the ACES Learning Community, a residential learning community open to freshman students majoring within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


I collaborate with others in the department studying resistance gene expression in soybeans. My role in these projects is to carry out cytological analyses of the host-pathogen interactions.  I also conduct a research project testing whether β-amino butyric acid can induce broad-spectrum disease resistance in soybeans. 

Area of Expertise: 
Teaching; Disease Resistance in Soybean
Ph.D. Plant Pathology. Cornell University, 1977.
B.A. Botany. Miami University, 1972.
+1 515 294 0951
217 Bessey