Mark L Gleason


Fruit and vegetable research

My lab specializes in  research on three major fruit and vegetable crop diseases: bacterial wilt of cucurbits, sooty blotch and flyspeck of apple, and anthracnose fruit rot of strawberry. The scope of  our research ranges from pathogen detection to sustainable disease management tactics, disease epidemiology, pathogen genetics, evolutionary biology, and genomics.


I teach a broad range of courses from Integrated Pest Management of turfgrasses to ecologically based pest management, tropical agriculture, disease management, research ethics, and professional speaking skills.

Area of Expertise: 
Epidemiology and Ecology
Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables
PhD, Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky, 1985
PhD, Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, 1980
M.S., Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, 1976
B.S., Biology, Carleton College, 1972
+1 515 294 0579
Room 3201 ATRB, 2213 Pammel Drive
50011- 1101