Bacterial diseases cause significant losses in many crops, and control measures are often limited or unavailable. The majority arise from invasion of the vascular system or colonization of the leaf parenchyma. The major classes of molecular tools that enable bacteria to thrive inside plants are beginning to be understood, but little is known about the functions within the plant of most of these tools. Less still is known about the plant signals and targets that render plants susceptible. Virtually nothing is known of the basis for tissue specificity.
PSI is a bold venture by the State of Iowa to establish a world-class plant science organization, building on the tradition of excellence of Iowa State University in agriculture.
The Seed Science Center at Iowa State University provides a focus for teaching, research, and extension programs on seeds in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. For over 100 years, Iowa State University has provided accurate, professional seed testing services to the seed industry. The Seed Testing Laboratory annually performs tests on tens of thousands of seed samples, making it one of the world's largest seed testing programs. The Seed Testing Laboratory tests corn, soybeans, and more than 300 other species of seeds.