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Thank you for attending my presentation and for providing an evaluation of it.  Your comments and criticisms will enable me to improve my programming and fulfill mission of ISU Extension and Outreach,  that is “to provide science-based learning opportunities to improve quality of life in Iowa”.

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Appropriate aids were used to facilitate learning (slides, whiteboard, video, crop samples, etc.) *
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About the Robertson Lab

The Robertson Lab conducts research on economically important diseases of corn and soybean in Iowa. Research data are shared throughout the year at various ISU Extension and agribusiness programs.

Our research projects concentrate on improving our understanding of

  1. the biology of the pathogens we study,
  2. the disease cycle and epidemiology of each pathosystem, and
  3. the interaction of the pathogen with its host.

This knowledge allows us to develop and/or improve management options that create unfavorable conditions for disease development, and thereby reduce yield losses due to disease. Read more about About the Robertson Lab


The goal of my Extension program is to increase producer profitability in Iowa through economically viable and sustainable disease management practices. Therefore, I develop and deliver relevant, unbiased research-based Extension programs that respond to the short- and long-term needs of my clientele, facilitate positive changes in disease management tactics, and improve the economic and environmental status of Iowa agriculture.

Read more about Extension