Field evaluation of SCN management products


Investigators: Gregory L. Tylka, Gregory D. Gebhart, Christopher C. Marett, David Soh
Funding: Iowa Soybean Association, company fees

Each year, one or more foliar-, seed-, or soil-applied products are advertised for use in managing SCN. Growers and agribusinesses in Iowa turn to Iowa State University for an unbiased evaluation of the effect of these products on SCN populations and soybean yield.

The management products are evaluated in field experiments at multiple sites throughout Iowa. The products often are evaluated on both SCN-resistant and SCN-susceptible varieties to determine the full effects of the products on yield and SCN population densities. Since 2002, field experiments have been conducted to evaluate:


Nature of the product

Application method

Deny biological control organism liquid applied in-furrow read report»
Gusto biological control organism seed treatment read report»
Messenger harpin protein to stimulate plant defenses liquid applied as foliar spray  
MicroCN micronutrients + biological control organism liquid broadcasted and incorporated read report»
N-Hibit harpin protein to stimulate plant defenses seed treatment read report»
(link to ICM newsletter)
N-Viro Soil composted municipal sewage sludge fine granule broadcasted and incorporated read report»
ProsperNema beneficial fungi liquid broadcasted and incorporated read report»
X-Cyto plant hormones (cytokinins) liquid applied in-furrow or broadcasted and incorporated

Planting 4-row plotsBroadcast application of dry product prior to incorporation