Scouting SCN - 6/21/2011

A very quick and easy way to check for the soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is to dig roots and look for the presence of the telltale, swollen, white females on soybean roots. This technique is effective for checking fields for the presence of this serious yield-limiting pest and also for checking to see if SCN populations are building up on SCN-resistant soybean varieties. But checking roots in this manner can only be done during the growing season and only once females from the first generation of the season become apparent. On Monday, June 20, I observed swollen, adult SCN females on roots of susceptible soybeans in Hamilton County and Franklin County, Iowa. The soybeans in Hamilton County were planted on May 18 near Williams and were in the V4 to V5 growth stage. Those in Franklin County, near Hampton, were planted on May 6 and were at V6 growth stage. The appearance of the SCN females indicates that growers and agribusiness personnel can begin checking fields for SCN.