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Sampling to evaluate the success of an SCN management program

Recommended technique: Collect soil samples and have the SCN population densities determined.

When to sample
You can take a soil sample to check on the progress of a SCN management plan at almost any time of the year. But if you want to monitor the effectiveness of your SCN management program over several years, you should sample at the same point in the management program each time (say after a year of resistant soybeans or nonhost crop).


Field evaluation of SCN management products

Investigators: Gregory L. Tylka, Gregory D. Gebhart, Christopher C. Marett, David Soh
Funding: Iowa Soybean Association, company fees

Each year, one or more foliar-, seed-, or soil-applied products are advertised for use in managing SCN. Growers and agribusinesses in Iowa turn to Iowa State University for an unbiased evaluation of the effect of these products on SCN populations and soybean yield.