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Symptoms and Signs

Key points to know

  • Stunting and yellowing are above-ground symptoms of SCN.
  • Early senescence of fields is an indirect above-ground symptom of SCN.
  • There can be serious yield loss due to SCN without any obvious above-ground symptoms.
  • Root stunting, discoloration, and fewer nodules are below-ground symptoms of SCN.
  • You can see SCN females with the naked eye.

1. Stunting and yellowing can be above-ground symptoms of SCN


Soybean Cyst Nematodes Females on Soybeans - 6/7/2012

The soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is one of the most serious soil-borne pathogens of soybean in Iowa and throughout the Midwest. Juveniles of this microscopic worm hatch from eggs in the spring, then burrow into soybean roots, where they attach to the vascular tissue of the plant and feed. Developing SCN females get progressively larger as they mature, until their fully expanded, lemon-shaped bodies rupture out of the root and become visible on the root surface.