Extracting Nematodes from Soil with a Baermann Funnel



  • Assemble the Baermann funnel apparatus.
    • A clamped rubber tube is placed below the funnel
    • A piece of window screen (or similar material) is placed in the mouth of the funnel
    • The funnel is placed into a rack or holder

Photograph of an empty Baermann funnel apparatus

  • Place a tissue-paper wrapped soil sample onto the screen material.

Baermann funnel apparatus with tissue paper

  • Add water to the funnel setup until the screen and soil sample are immersed.
  • Wait overnight (or longer if desired).

Side view of completed Baermann funnel set up

  • Gather the first couple of drops of water from the bottom of the tube by slowly releasing the clamp on the tubing.
  • Examine under the microscope. Note that this technique will work only with actively mobile, living nematodes.