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Xanthomonas is a large genus of Gram-negative, yellow-pigmented, plant-associated and plant pathogenic bacteria. Xanthomonas species constrain production of crops in many areas of the world, causing economic losses and hardship. In addition to their importance in this regard, Xanthomonas spp. are also important as the source of xanthan gum, a polysaccharide used as a thickener in food and cosmetics, and as a displacing agent for harvesting oil from nearly spent wells.

Xanthomonas Genomics Conference 2009 will convene scientists from around the world who are engaged in research 1) to better understand how this important group of bacteria has adapted to exploit an extraordinary diversity of plant hosts and host tissues, and to develop needed improvements in disease control and prevention, and 2) to understand and better harness the capacity of members of this genus to produce useful compounds, especially xanthan.

The goals of the conference are to 

  • share and discuss recent discoveries
  • identify important challenges and opportunities
  • discuss new technologies and approaches
  • determine key resources for continued, community-driven advances.

The first meeting on Xanthomonas genomics, held in 2002, was a workshop organized and attended by Xanthomonas researchers in the EU. Since the publication of the first Xanthomonas whole genome sequences that year, genomics has been at the center of a revolution in Xanthomonas biology. In 2005, fifty-five scientists from twelve countries gathered for a second workshop on Xanthomonas genomics. Since that meeting, the number of genome sequences and the number of researchers involved in Xanthomonas genomics and genomics-driven research have continued to grow, and the pace of discovery has quickened. We anticipate that Xanthomonas Genomics Conference 2009 will be the largest gathering yet. Register soon to participate. We look forward to seeing you!

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